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Monday, November 26, 2007

NEW PIECE! Fog, Smoke & Cannonfire

The pieces have arrived at their new home and are now on display. It is satisfying to know they have a good home.

Robert Weber, the videographer who was shooting the festival, and who also produces the "Bicycling Through History" DVDs, has purchased the pair, and they will be on their way to their new home shortly.

Thank you so much, Robert. Enjoy the paintings.

Check out - the DVDs are way cool. Check out the Pirates DVD - you just might see a familiar face, perhaps with a little more hair.

o paintings that go together to form a whole) of a pirate ship and a Royal Navy Man-o-War in a full-on broadside, complete with blazing cannons, masts toppling and cannonballs bursting on deck and in the water!
Following are detail sections. This is all I could fit on my scanner.

Acrylic on canvas, diptych, each panel 11x14"

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The Caretaker said...

Great ships on the water, smashing with movement.