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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress on "Burn The Ships" cover art!

Working on the cover art for the CD Burn The Ships by my band, Ironwood Rain.
As a pirate, I can't help but love the concept! It has ships, and fire, and more! And there are songs about ghosts (ooOOoo) and Christmas (Oi... BOOTY!!!) and, of course - "Burn The Ships"!!!

Here are a few of the highlights, in reverse chronological order.

The early stages of laying in the color washes:

oooo... look at that melty jungle!

Work on the final art begins! The initial drawing.

Testing the process, the color palette, and some techniques and effects:

Mapping out the space and the key points of visual interest:

Mapping out the distribution of darks and lights:

The concept sketches: