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Monday, November 5, 2007

PIRATES: Drawings of pirates and characters.

A test for the pirate portraits I be doing at Pirates in Paradise this year.
Nigel 10/23/07

Prismacolor on beige acid-free cardstock, 8"x10"
30 minutes

Study of Captain Jack Sparrow; At World's End:

Acrylic, 9"x12"

a pensive Jack Sparrow...:
Conte and Pastel on beige paper, 12"x16"
...and a companion piece, Elizabeth:

Conte and Pastel on beige paper, 12"x16"
I loved the expressions on each of their faces.
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa:
Prismacolor on parchment, 8"x10"
Lee Arenberg as Pintel:
Prismacolor on beige acid-free card stock, 8"x10"

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