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Monday, November 5, 2007

BIRDS: Me fine feathered friends.

"The Adventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot 3; Fire in the Hole"
I will start a separate thread for this series.

Derwent Studio and Prismacolor on parchment, 8"x10"

Nicki 10/29/07
Model: Nicki [Blue & Gold Macaw]
Nikki was very curious this day, he got right up in front of me trying to see what I was doing.

Prismacolor on Bainbridge 2000 Illustration Board, 4"x5"

Norman 10/29/07
Model:, Norman [Green-wing Macaw]

Prismacolor on beige Canson paper, 8"x10"

Out on a Limb I; color study for a finished painting
Part of a series titled "The misadventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot"
That bird just cracks me up.
The model for this one was Nicki, a Blue & Gold Macaw. He has been an excellent model, very curious, always good poses.

Prismacolor on acid-free card stock, 8"x10"

At the Wheel I
Inspired by Mister Cotton's Parrot.
Model: Norman, a Green-Winged Macaw; a real show-off.

Derwent Venetian Red #6300 on parchment, 8"x10"

Nicki 10/29/07
Model: Nicki [Blue & Gld Macaw]
From live field sketches.
Derwent Drawing #6300 Venetian Red on beige acid-free card stock, 8"x10"

Sunshine and Morning Mist
Sunshine is a beautiful Scarlet Macaw, and one of my favorite feathered models. She always poses really nice.

Acrylic on canvas, 9"x12"

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