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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Series: "The Adventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot"

It is only fitting that this series gets its own post.
Inspired by the rascally Blue & Gold Macaw in POTC. That bird cracks me up.
Note: Okay, so they are not all going to be the same blue & gold macaw. Different compositions call for different elements, colors and poses. It's the underlying idea that is the unifying thread here.
Perhaps these guys (and girls) are all related, somehow. I will think that one over.

New installment in the series: "In the Rigging"
Model: Sunshine [Scarlet Macaw]
Sunshine gave me such a great pose yesterday. The light coming from over her shoulder was just lovely, and she was leaning into a slight breeze. She kept talking to me while I was sketching. It was a pleasant session, and I liked the resulting sketch.
I had no specific plan for it at the time of the sketch - with animals I simply sketch to capture the moment. Today as I sat down to paint, I had been percolating and idea for a painting for a while. As I was going through sketches to find a pose, this one jumped right out at me. Anyway, macaws are just too colorful not to paint.
I am pretty happy with the colors in the sky, and I like the overall contrast. It holds up nicely from a distance. Note: the signature is painted in gold. How piratical!

Acrylic on canvas, 8"x10"

11/07/07: The latest installment. The series is shaping up nicely, dare I say it I'm inspired.
"The Adventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot 3: Fire in the Hole!"
The tilt of the head is taken from an actual pose provided by Nikki last week, minus the stick.
The original thumbnail sketches had various side views with the cannon pointed away, but then I caught the field sketch of the tilted head, the combination of the attitude and the front view was just too good to resist, it was perfect.

Derwent Studio and Prismacolor on parchment, 8"x10"

The Adventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot 2: At the Wheel."
Model: Norman [Green-Wing Macaw]

Derwent Drawing #6300 Venetian Red on Acid Free card stock, 8"x10

"The Adventures of Mister Cotton's Parrot 1: Out on a Limb."
Model: Nikki [Blue & Gold Macaw]
The one that started it all:

Derwent Drawing Venetian Red #6300 and Prismacolor on beige acid-free card stock, 8"x10"

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Matthew A said...

I love that you use acrylic on your paintings. Not to say that you don't know how to use oil, I frankly don't know, I just really like the use of acrylics...just sayin.