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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Photos from Pirates in Paradise 2007!

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Here are some pictures from the Pirates In Paradise festival in Key West.

In the pub wit' me mates from the forum:
The full crewe:

I'm in the center row, fourth from the right - blue bandana - with my gun in front of my face.

Smaller crewe, better pose of me.

That's me in the front row far left - blue bandana.

Shipwrecked crew:

What a cool shot. Incidentally, this is just off shore from the beach where I was camped.

View of beach from my campsite in the early morning:

This one is classic 'Marooned Pirate.' It would make a great painting...

Here is a shot of my heavenly accomodations.

(You can see those same rocks in the background.)
At night, I'd drift off to sleep to the sound of the surf.
At first light, I'd get up , run down the sand and swim out to the rocks, while the beach was still deserted. I'd have the whole place to myself. What a way to start the morning!

View of sailboat at sunset from the campground:

Singing in the Pub:

I'm on the left with my guitar. That's my new friend 'Saucy Bones' in the foreground.

Ships doing battle, as seen from the battlements of the Fort:

Hold on a tic, doesn't this scene look familiar?


Breathtaking view of sunset from the battlements at the Fort:

You can see the silhouette of a trebuchet on the shore. They were firing various items out of it. What fun!

Oreo. An awesome pirate bird!

And here are some action-filled video clips that show why PiP was a BLAST - literally!

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DUDE!!!!!!!!! This looks like insane FUN!!! Looks like you had a damn good time!!!!! HOW AWESOME!!!! Good for you man.. wow!!;O)
Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!