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Monday, October 27, 2008

Disaster strikes again!

I am finally back in Colorado.
After moving in August, I was excited to receive the shipments of artwork and to begin new projects.
Now on to the bad news.
My artwork arrived, the boxes undamaged. However, when I opened the shipping container and uncovered the pirate self-portrait, I found to my horror that all the vine charcoal had simply fallen off the paper! This, even after spraying it gratuitously with fixatif!
The dark areas that I worked over in charcoal pencil (dompressed charcoal) stayed for the most part, but all the middle values (most of the piece) were laying in little piles along the edges of the container.
I will once again have to rework the entire piece.
[Insert deep sigh.]
The good news is, I am ready to begin working on new material. I am very excited about my new adventure, and will post new work as soon as I have it.Stay tuned!

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